The Wealth Management Group, LLC. approach towards financial wealth management.

Stages of the Financial Life

Wealth Management Group, LLC. believes that there are three basic stages of a client’s financial life. Experience has taught that these three stages are separate but must work together.

Wealth Accumulation

Beginning from the day that most people are born, people start to accumulate financial assets. This accumulation phase, for the most part, is the longest stage a person will experience. It exists until there is such a time where the accumulation of wealth is sufficient enough to carry the client, consistent with their individual desires, to financial independence. This means to supply financial resources to maintain their desired lifestyle for the remainder of their life.

Independent Lifestyle Support

Retirement is a common phrase used by people to refer to this stage. However, experience has taught us retirement and financial independence does not mean the same thing. Many clients continue to work long after they have accumulated enough wealth to support the lifestyle they desire. It is important for clients to have a comfortable feelingknowing that they have accomplished a financial safety net should they want their assets to be the source of their income to support their desired lifestyle.

Maximum Transfer of Assets

Once the client has lived their lifetime and accomplished their financial goals, it is time to transfer their lifetime of hard work to the individuals or institutions of whom they have a love or affection. Planning for this stage needs careful attention and consideration. Too often people are unaware the high level of taxation they could face while trying to successfully accomplish this stage of their financial life. Between income, estate and inheritance taxation, ones lifetime of hard work could be significantly diminished. Strategies and techniques could help clients maintain the value of their lifetime of hard work and have their assets received by the people or institutions of their desires.**

Strategy Process

A dynamic strategy, based on the clients’ individual goals and objectives, offers the best opportunity for financial success. Financial success means accomplishment of goals and objectives that are unique to each and every individual, not as measured against any other person or hypothetical benchmark.

Step 1: Discovery

Understanding what a client's financial goals and objectives are is paramount to the design of a successful financial wealth management strategy. It is through intimate discussions and heartfelt ambitions that a customized program can be designed. A review of current strategies, investing, savings and insurance takes place. Comprehending where a client is now, is extremely important to getting them where they want to go.

Step 2: Analysis and Design

Once all stated goals and ambitions are understood, a financial wealth management strategy can begin its embryonic stage. By assembling our network of specialists, reviewing the goals and objectives of the client, Wealth Management Group, LLC. starts to design a customized strategy to help the client achieve goal fruition. Consulting with legal, accounting, insurance and investment professionals, concrete implementation strategies to put your strategy in motion are made and a strategy is designed.**

Step 3: Identify Implementation Strategies

We will act in our capacity as Registered Representatives to help you purchase products for executions of desired strategies. Wealth Management Group will do all of the back office work needed to implement the products selected, making it easy and simple for our clients.

Step 4: Review

Decades of existence have proven that laws that govern the economy and a client’s life are going to change. Review meetings are imperative due to these factors.


**Financial Professionals do not provide specific tax/legal advice and this information should not be considered as such.  You should always consult your tax/legal advisor regarding your own specific tax/legal situation.